my happy place

while i do certainly have happy places*, geographically speaking, i am specifically referring to the past two weekends.

the college crew is my happy place. if we're surrounded by throngs of people and noise or nothing at all, it doesn't make a difference - it's just us. the group. the college crew, long after we have anything to do with the institutions for which our group was initially named. everything else just seems to fade away. it's being together - in the midst of a party, or just an evening watching football or videos on youtube - talking and laughing, reveling in the comfort of our friendship.

how many nights have we done exactly this same thing - over 15 (!) years now - and it never gets old. as people move away, or move back, visit over holiday breaks, significant others become family, children arrive, the group numbers may change, but the dynamic never does.

we've all been through the happy moments, the sad moments, the achievements and the disappointments - together.  we can be weird, funny, serious, sad, happy, loud, quiet, and no matter what, we'll still talk to each other the next day. and the day after that. at our best or at our worst, it really doesn't matter. because it's just US.

*london. northern california. pretty much any beach. probably harry potter world as soon as i actually visit it.


meghan said...

Beautifully said. I concur. *tear*

ro! said...

We are the best.

DanM said...