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So as you can see I finally got around to adding the ol' links back, after what people on the streets are calling "LauraisadumbassinregardstochangingherblogGate" and/or "Don'tthinkyouknowanythingaboutHTMLcodingforblogtemplatesbecauseyoudont 09"**

I just added a new one, 1000 Awesome Things. It's, well, awesome. Also, bonus, their links are great. So, win-win-win.

**It's clear no one on the street is very good at catastrophe-naming. I don't think either of those will gain popularity, nor will they get any press if for no reason other than incredibly non-catchy names.

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KK said...

1000 Awesome Things IS awesome. I agree with almost all of their entries - and they were things that I don't even really think about, you know? But are incredibly awesome nonetheless. Also - I already go to a bunch of their listed links. Clearly, we should be friends.