late to the party

My latest topic o’uselessness on twitter was being late to parties. Not real parties, of course, but the proverbial ones. You know what I mean. As I was watching the last two episodes of Season 4 of The Wire today, I was thinking to myself how incredibly good this show is…and then I thought of how people were saying that seven years ago.

The more I thought about it, I realized I can’t think of a single TV show (with multiple seasons under its belt, still broadcasting or cancelled) that I love and have watched from day one. I think the closest I’ve come is 30 Rock, but even then I missed a good chunk of the first season. I was busy thinking Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was the good “behind the comedy sketch show scene” show*. Hm. But really, let’s examine this: Sports Night. LOST. How I Met Your Mother. Arrested Development. Family Guy. The Office. Flight of the Conchords. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. West Wing. Big Love. Some of these I jumped on a season or two in, some of them not even until they were over. For several years.

I make the specification of multiple seasons just because we don’t know how things will play out, and (*)clearly I have television judgement issues. Shows may start out great but then they start sucking: Desperate Housewives. Or shows that I loved only made it through one season, if that: Justice. Or a combination of both: The Nine. Six. Perhaps other numbered shows.

I don’t fare much better with music. I’m a huge fan of Ray Lamontagne, but didn’t discover him until right before his second album came out. I love Jimmy Eat World but I didn’t catch on to them until, geez, their fourth album, I think? Anyway I can think of very few bands that I have found without recommendation from others, or seeing them in a public forum considered to book successful artists. Though if Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) becomes more commercially successful, we can forget this whole paragraph. Or at least I’ll have one example to the contrary of the general theme I’m portraying here.

Though I guess it’s a little more difficult to say “you knew them when” for bands/musical acts. With TV shows, they are either made or they aren’t. You can’t have varying levels of “underground” with TV shows. I guess the closest you would come to such a thing is what they call a cult following? With music, you can argue you saw an act live before an album ever came out, or an independently produced album or record only had like 30 sales or some such craziness, or hell, you saw them on VH1’s “You Outta Know”. I don’t know.

I’ve only mentioned TV and music, but certainly there are books* and movies* too.

What I’m trying to find out is, am I the only one that is late to any and seemingly all pop culture parties? Or have you been the first and only guest to arrive at a party that sunk harder than the Titanic?

*Didn’t start reading Harry Potter until Book 4 had come out. *Didn’t see Shawshank Redemption until maybe three years ago.


meghan said...

You're not alone!

A few months ago I started watching West Wing from the beginning. I'd seen an episode here or there, but now I realize the greatness that is this show. I'm on season 6 and quite sad that there is only one more left.

And HP? I didn't start reading until after the 3rd book came out. It was my 2nd year in college and I just didn't want to study for finals. Instead I read all HP. How am I in grad. school?

And music? I fail there. I'm always late to the party there. So Coconut Records, huh?

KK and Dan said...

hahaha. I totally understand, Dan and I are watching all the seasons of "Six Feet Under" now, and we're only on season 4.

HP, Ben recommended I read after we saw a trailer for the first movie in the theater and I was like, WTF is this shit? Already 4 books out by then.

Music - I think that small John Mayer concert (which you were ALSO at) kind of counts and the only band I've listened to before they were big was Maroon 5. My claim to fame.

Also - the pics from our visit to Kel's are SO CUTE. Win.

Sarah said...

I'm a lot better about TV- I actually have watched The Office and 30 Rock since the beginning I think. But music? Forget about it. Have you heard of this group Hootie and the Blowfish? I think they're going to be really big.