random thoughts.

I watched three documentaries this weekend. I guess I’m watching so many because there are a ton of good ones available in the “Watch Instantly” section of Netflix, so…I pay for it, why not use it? Plus it was a rainy Saturday, perfect for curling up under a cozy down comforter and watching movies. You could say all three of these were educational in a non-educational sort of way. Which is to say, I was entertained more than I was educated. But that’s okay.

In addition to “Fuck” and “Jesus Camp”, as I indicated via twitter, I watched “Super High Me”. It was a sort-of spoof of Super Size Me, obviously. Doug Benson (comedian, usually on Best Week Ever slash all VH1 talking head shows) is apparently a big stoner, and he decides to stop smoking pot for 30 days, and then smokes pot all day every day for 30 days. He does all kinds of tests, gets a physical, etc etc before and after. It also goes into a lot of state/federal law issues that California faces. I was more excited by all the stand-up comedian cameos than I was the “message” of the movie, in all honesty. Arj Barker makes a brief appearance – I have a big crush on him. If you don’t know him, he plays Dave on Flight of the Conchords. I heart him. Paul F. Tompkins, Rob Riggle, and Zach Galifianakis also make appearances. I think I might be a stand-up comedy nerd.


I have this feeling that something is going to happen soon job-wise. I have no evidence of this. Something in the air, I don’t know, but I’m gonna embrace that feeling for a little while. My sudden optimism, I’m sure, will only be increased this week due to the following things:

*Frank, Blue and Parker return Wednesday night
*I got a haircut today.
*Because of FB&P’s return, I will spend the next three days cleaning the house from top to bottom. Not a fun process, but the end results always make me feel good.


Can I talk about OPI nail polish for a second? Can I talk about how much I love it, and it’s the only kind of nail polish I own now? I try to not be a snob about beauty products, but OPI is just so good compared to the other eighty billion brands I’ve tried. I used Revlon for a while because it’s what my grandmother used, but…it chips in three seconds. Sally Hansen streaks like a mofo. I won’t explain why I don’t use Wet n Wild. (hint: it’s because I’m not 13)

Nail polish has a weird effect on me; it’s such a mood-changer. A couple of weeks ago, after I picked my nails to death, I took a file to them and then put bright cherry red nail polish on them. I instantly felt kind of sassy, but a little 50s retro too, mixed in with a dash of gumption. ALL BECAUSE OF A NAIL POLISH. I don’t know if my mood is too easily influenced or what, but it works. Am I the only one?


KK said...

We are the same person. Seriously. I've been wearing nail polish for the last few weeks because I'm trying to kick the nail biting habit and I feel SO much more grown up and fancy with it on. Also, Jesus Camp was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

meghan said...

1. You and KK are the same person: Both with "random" blog posts the same evening.

2. After having spring break for a full week, I decided that last night at 10pm was the time to mass clean my apartment. Now, my place is a wreck as I sort through all my crap. And seriously, does anyone have a vacuum I can borrow? Mein ist gebrochen. The point being: I feel your pain.