4: classes left

1: independent study to start-ahem-I mean, finish.

3: weeks until I HAVE A MASTERS. WHAT?!

0: leads on jobs. Wtf.


meghan said...

countdowns are fun. akin to the joy of crossing things off lists. you know you do that too.

are you walking for your diploma?

lb said...

Oh yes - and especially when the numbers are so low, it's easy to cross things off! I wouldn't mind of that "job" number was a little higher, though. Yeesh.

Not walking yet, at least - Mason doesn't do a fall commencement so I'll have to wait until May. Who knows if I'll want to by then, but I'll let FutureLaura worry about that one.

KK and Dan said...

You should totally walk. You get to wear a fancier robe outfit thing. Congrats on being so close to done!!! :)

Elyse Gibson said...

you can do it!!!!! so close!!!! can i please see you sometime over winter break? i'll be home dec 23-jan 4ish