California Bound

In roughly 9 hours, Frank, Blue and I will be on a plane bound for San Francisco. I am packed, only 1 pound under the max weight limit (dear god please let the scales work in my favor tomorrow) and ready to party it up with the CC and god-fam. It’s gonna be a good trip. Nay – it’s gonna be a GREAT trip.

The last two weeks: Work? Great. I really love it. I like working in Arlington and I get to play with office supplies. Classes? Meh, they’re classes. I’m going through grad school senioritis. I hear three weeks in California is a remedy for this. Friends? Got ‘em. Dinner and a movie with Kelley, dinner and a play at Woolly Mammoth with Tara, movie with Kevin and Sarai, dinner and football and movies with Jess and Franklin. Parker? Still defines cute.

Back in three. Weeks.


meghan said...

Just wanted to comment that I saw you YESTERDAY in CA. Awesome.

KK and Dan said...

updattttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase!! How was Heather's wedding? Did Frank drink and pull out the tambourine? We need to know!