Did You Know? Part One

...that blogging is a wonderful way to avoid doing the more important things you should be doing? I’m sure you did know that, because so is blog-reading.

Earlier tonight I thought I had something to say, but now it seems…I’m at a loss. But I’m determined to write something that isn’t my homework. I guess we can quickly move into “Did You Know” part deux: My banner is named after my all-time favorite Guster song of the same name. (I secretly think I’m clever for creating that banner with the name just peeking out there. Not-so-secretly, I’m not that clever.) I adore this song and a few years ago I thought it captured who and where I was…and in hindsight it definitely wasn’t. You can see the "2004-2005 Me" link to the right that was my old livejournal from junior and senior year. Most of them are pretty happy-go-lucky; I was still in the bubble of college and I really didn't have a lot of worries. I wish I hadn't deleted my 2005-2006 blog - I remember a lot of those posts being emotional and negative. I think that was still the old me; the person in the song that is half-asleep and lacking direction. And then 2007 came along and with a couple great things came a lot of awful things. And now, in 2008, it's like I am coming out of a fog and realizing everything I have in front of me, and it's looking pretty good. That's not to say I still don't have bad days, but with the friends that I have and a great education in the works, and a supportive and loving family, and (for the most part) my health, that's really all I need. I have direction.

I guess what I'm saying is...I'm coming downstairs and saying hello in 2008.


Alpha said...

Hi Laura!
Thanks for helping me procrastinate with your beautiful blog.

(i think you're clever)

KK said...

You linked to our blog! I feel so important. And loved. And also, I think you're clever.

Meghan said...

Ah! A new blog to read. Exciting... yet horrible for my career.