twice now

meghan and i ran the crystal city Friday 5K tonight. or, most of it. the storm came in and they shut down the course.

but as i was jogging (and then walking....and then more walking) along the streets of arlington, i realized...

how many times have i been out driving and a road is blocked off because of a race? i used to get annoyed. now i'm the person on the course.

i'm still SO slow and don't really even run that much of the 3.1 miles, but the fact that i'm the person ON the course now instead of driving by it....i'm proud of that.

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meghan said...

And you should be proud! I'm glad you feel that way.

One thing I noticed last night was at the beginning of the race there were groups of people cheering us on. More so than in either previous race. Was it because we were in a more urban area? Because of the Boston Marathon events? I have no idea, but it made me feel special to be part of it all.

Also, I finished in 25 minutes. I'm super fast now. Clearly. Please do ignore that the course was shut down...