if complaining is cool, consider me miles davis

1. Flying in and out of BWI.
B. Not getting home from three days in Chattanooga, TN until 1:45am. From BWI.
III. The Hokies, Redskins, and Nationals losing (the Nationals managed to lose *both* weekend games)
4. Being requested to complete a nearly impossible task at work (PS: the number of times a day I find my left hand clenched in a fist while at work is alarming)
5. Four things seems incomplete. So, the fifth shitty thing is....did I mention being in Chattanooga for three days?


(there are good things that exist. they include: california vacations, thursday's nationals game with missy, franklin and meghan, being snarky while watching syfy original movies, 10 month old beagle puppies named Pepper, and pumpkin spice lattes. and yeah, health, friends, family, BLAH BLAH)

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meghan said...

I thought you weren't talking about the Hokies. Resume that. And add to the decree no mention of the Redskins. We will reevaluate next weekend.

See you Thursday!