This weekend was crazy-town-banana-pants.

Thank you, Community:


*Morning "Yard" sale at our building - I made 30 bucks, what what!

*Beaglefest 2012!!! Frank, Blue and I took The Pepperton out to Chantilly for an afternoon to run free in the company of about 50 other beagles. The event was put on by BREW (Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare) - from whom we adopted the little dudelet, as we sometimes (ridiculously) call him. The best part? His sister was there!! His litter was rescued around New Years Day of 2012, and so one of his sisters, originally named Champagne (now named Missy) was there! The dogs couldn't have cared less, but the owners were pretty excited. And FYI, Pepper's original name was Dick Clark. Yeah.

*Jess' baby shower in the late afternoon with Ben/Jess, Franklin, Meghan, and Brian Baum! (and, you know, others, but of course I will only mention the awesomes)

*Tara's Sage-Cleansing party at night, complete with, obviously, sage burning, and some amazing 90s jams.


*Lunch at Shake Shack with Emily

*Elyse's wedding!!! So much love, happiness, friendship, laughter, and of course dancing. See:


*Elyse's post-wedding brunch at her (new!!) husband's parents' house in Great Falls
*Re-signing my lease for the new place....because....

I got lucky and was able to switch to an apt with the same layout (same size) but on the 14th floor. Which is the top floor. Facing North. With a view of the city. I can see the monuments and the National Cathedral. It is awesome and gets my insides churning (in a good way) whenever I think about it. I move in June15th, and I cannot wait. Joy thieves: fuck 'em.


meghan said...

What a weekend.

Now on to next... something big is coming up!

DanM said...

That is AHMAZING about your apt. I can't wait to see it!