Peer pressure!

KK updated, Rosa updated...FIIIIIIINE. Though fair warning, I did NOT go dog sledding or run a half marathon. But I have been traveling for work a lot. I went to Ann Arbor, MI about a month ago, Cleveland two weeks ago, Penn State last week, and as we speak I am in Austin. And I leave tomorrow...and a week from tomorrow I will be in New Orleans for JAZZFEST 2012 (!!) with KK, Dan, and Rosa!

Other things: Went to a Jeopardy taping. Went to an a capella concert with Kelley, Missy and Meghan, where I fell in love with live-looping and is now my "holy shit I wish I could do that" obsession. Went to the Americans for the Arts' Arts Advocacy Day Nancy Hanks Lecture (this year featuring Ben Folds and Alec Baldwin). And a board meeting. Also a while ago I went to a basketball game with Franklin, but I can't even remember when that was...but I *do* know I have two tickets still sitting on my dresser waiting to be redeemed for a Dunkin Donuts coffee...which I could really use right about now. I went to Richmond for Allison's birthday.

Fotoz I haz them:

As part of my Cleveland trip, swung by Columbus to spend the night with Vince and Lauren. We went to Jeni's ice cream. Which, if you don't know it...YOU NEED TO. Ask KK. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Ohai I'm just teh cutest.

see: cute, not at all troublemaker.
except for totally being a troublemaker.


I wasn't supposed to take this picture but I did. Boom.

Our JetBlue flight circled us around  so we could all take pictures. Awesome. 


meghan said...

Dayum. You've been busy. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Or it's because I just woke up.

I want to hear more about Jeopardy!

DanM said...

This is an AMAZING post. And JetBlue pilot totally just won points with me, that's an awesome view most people will never get again!

ro! said...

Seriously. Way to be doing all sorts of stuff and staying busy and making us jealous. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN NEW ORLEANS!!!!!