beagles, beagles, and more beagles!

i volunteered for BREW again today! - i transported two beagles - picking them up from a giant panel van filled with crated rescues in centreville to the main BREW vet office in purcellville.

this was miss piggy, a non-stop-on-the-go beagle (clearly, this was the most in-focus picture i got!) that gave my hand leash-burn from trying to keep her from running amok, but very loving and happy! :

this was jewels, a little one that was so sweet and quiet and a bit timid:

and this little troublemaker is all ours!!!!!!

Pepper Benson
10 weeks old

Likes: chewing things, snuggling, food, going up stairs

Dislikes: going down stairs, closed doors, empty food bowls


meghan said...


Especially Pepper. Love the stair likes and dislikes.

ro! said...

omg. agree w meghan. pepper is adorbs!