it posts it on the facebook, or else it gets the hose again

I did it on facebook, so I'm cheating and putting it here to get something new up without having to go into anything I'm doing lately...because, I'm not doing a damn thing. Oops I guess I gave it away anyway!

the 25:

1. I really like the word “clever”.

2. I like to learn. I like being in school.

3. The following things give me immense pleasure even though I can’t do any of them well (and I wish that I could): singing, graphic design, cooking, writing, photography. So, like, everything.

4. Everyone knows I hate tomatoes…but I love ketchup and tomato soup.

5. I alternate between feeling excited and out-of-my-mind-terrified about the future.

6. I’m more excited by having a similar sense of humor/pop culture tastes with a guy versus values and such. Maybe that’s why I’m single?

7. Two things that can make me stop in my tracks and completely lose focus: dogs, a song I love.

8. I LOVE to make lists. I would make a list of lists I have to make.

9. Sometimes I am so much like my dad that it scares me.

10. I cannot stand when people crap all over other people’s taste in music**. Just because someone likes something you don’t doesn’t make it bad. It’s subjective. (**except for when people hate on Nickelback, then it’s kinda funny)

11. I love DC and everything related to it, even though I love it here…I suffer from wanderlust.

12. I love to make my friends laugh.

13. I’m not good with money. I like to spend it. Especially at Target.

14. I have a hard time designating my favorite/least favorite things. I like options!

15. Until about eleven months ago, I thought the phrase was “for all intensive purposes”, as opposed to “for all intents and purposes”. I’m a little ashamed of this.

16. I only really feel confident in myself when I’m around my friends.

17. I am annoyingly indecisive.

18. I strongly dislike the word “panties”. It simultaneously creeps me out and makes me want to punch things. Say it with me, UNDERWEAR.

19. I haven’t found that thing I’m really really good at. I’d like to.

20. I’m not meant to be leader, #1, or top dog at/of anything – I’m just not good at it and I don’t particularly like it. I don’t mind being top-tier, though.

21. I like wearing my grandmother’s jewelry.

22. I'm still really irritated over #18.

23. I think hugs and handshakes should always be strong, and I don’t like when people don’t execute them as such.

24. I like adverbs.

25. After I made this list, I rearranged things so it would have some sort of balance between the one-line facts and the multi-lined ones. Yeah.

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meghan said...

I discovered, while at lunch with a bunch of people, that my friend Brendon is our male equivalent on the tomato scale: HATES tomatoes, but enjoys tomato products. Everyone else at the table thought we were crazy. But hell, they're the ones eating the devil food.