I’m in a good mood (which means, dear reader, that you get a list format!) for the following reasons:

* After months of searching, I finally bought these shoes for Dana/Jean’s wedding. I LOVE THEM. They manage to be kind of hot and classic all at the same time. AND I got them on sale. Expect to see me wearing them at all semi-formal and formal occasions from now until forever.

* I got my schedule ironed out for next semester, and I’m going to (hopefully) be taking a kick-ass English class on theory and practice of publishing printed materials, and writing/editing copy for said materials. I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope that come registration day next Monday, I actually get in. I will also be doing an independent study comparing London/UK arts management techniques with American ones. I really like that I’ll be able to design my own project! And really, I can start this summer if I want. But I’m probably gonna be busy working on my fake accent and landing me a British boyfriend. These are my real goals for the summer.

* Because I’ll only have my internship (and the aforementioned objectives) to concern myself with while I’m in London, I’m going to be able to finally read a bunch of books that I haven’t had the time to read. I’m way behind on my list. (This is not to say that I’m going to be a bookworm while in London. No, no, no. I will take advantage of every millisecond of my time there. But sometimes, you have to make time for reading and relaxing. I can just do it in Hyde Park.) Here are the books I plan on taking with me.

- 100 Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
- god is not great – Christopher Hitchens
- Winter’s Tale – Mark Helprin
- Daughter of Fortune – Isabel Allende

These are only a small sample from my long list of books to read that AREN’T textbooks. God, reading for pleasure sounds SO nice right now.

You know, this post almost sums me up. It’s got my love of lists, reading, learning, wanting a british accent and/or a boyfriend with one, and shoes. Wait….we’re missing something:

Much better.


ro! said...

HAHAHAHAHAH the hello kitty photo at the end was hilarious.
i heart you.

the shoes look hot.

there's an awesome bookstore in london near picadilly circus called waterstone's. def check it out.

Meghan said...

It's great that you're in such a good mood... with such great shoes!

Elyse Gibson said...

YES to Daughter's of Fortune! ALMOST as good as House of the Spirits. And 100 Years of Solitude is epic.

P.S. I love you for commenting on my blog. You make me happy :)

KK said...

I love you, your lists and your reading list. nice shoooooes.

Josh said...

What is up Laura "LB" Benson! I am now officially caught up on your blog too. Now I look forward to Tales from my bed: Part Tres.